Grout might not be the most exciting stuff for most people, but we’re really into it. Without a doubt, day-in day-out, we know grout! And you’ll get the benefit of our knowledge in any tiling project, because choosing the right grout at the start is critical to a successful finish.

We recommend Davco Grout and depending on the job, we use either their Sanitized or Elite G10 products. Both are available in a range of colours. Sanitized is mould and bacteria resistant which makes it ideal for dry and wet areas including swimming pools and spas.

For jobs with smaller joints such as walls, the finer-sanded Elite G10 is better because it gives a smoother finish and won’t scratch high-polish feature tiles.

Our tiling experts have all this knowledge on the tip of their grout floats and you’ll see the top-quality results when we work on your tiling project.

Later on, the cleaning will be your job – we recommend keeping it simple with just soap and water, because other cleaning products – even vinegar – can wear through grout over the years.

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