At Divergence Built, we believe in 'Building Genuine Connections' - not just in the literal sense, but also in the metaphorical sense of creating strong bonds within our community. We have been given an extraordinary opportunity to put this ethos into practice recently, and we're thrilled to share it with you.

We had the honour of being a part of the Madison House project, a heartwarming initiative led by Lyden Builders, named after their beloved Madison Lyden. But this wasn't just another construction project - it was a monumental journey of love, unity, and community spirit that will forever remain close to our hearts.

Working on Madison House wasn't about laying tiles, but about building an abode of hope. This house symbolises a movement towards the brighter side of humanity, where we focus on empowering the lives of those living with disabilities. So many generous individuals and organisations worked on this project, arriving at a fantastic outcome.

Together we have raised $572,466 which will be donated to Variety the Children's Charity TAS so they can continue to expand the delivery of the Variety School Breakfast Club across Tasmania. A large portion will go towards helping children with Diabetes.

Our role in this wonderful endeavour was to take care of the tiling. But let us assure you, it was more than just tiling! It was a commitment to transform every surface into a touchpoint that ensures comfort and accessibility. We immersed our expertise, our hearts, and our souls into every task - with a collective vision of making every corner of this house a place where its inhabitants can live their lives to the fullest.

Being part of such a noble cause fills us with immense pride. The experience has not only enriched us professionally, but personally as well. It was an honour to work towards improving the wellbeing of Tasmanians living with disability and their carers.

What made this journey even more special was our connection with Lyden Builders. This experience has paved the way for a partnership we look forward to nurturing. It serves as a testament to what we can accomplish when we bring together our shared values and dreams.

The completion of Madison House is a beacon of positivity, illustrating the magic that can be created when businesses, governments, not-for-profits and good-hearted individuals work together for a common goal. We hope this endeavour inspires more projects that foster inclusivity, compassion, and unity.

As we reflect on our journey, our hearts brim with gratitude. We thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be part of this transformational endeavour. Because at Divergence Built, it's more than just bricks and tiles. It's about building genuine connections - with you, our community, and every life we touch through our work.

In closing, let's remember that Madison House is more than a structure. It's a testament to Madison's spirit and a shining example of what we can achieve when we come together as a community.

Let's continue to build, not just houses, but genuine connections.

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